Gastronomy at Viva's


About us

We always use local groceries where it makes sense, and always follows the season when we create new dishes. We are in close dialog with our suppliers to make sure we get the best commodities, like our vegetables and herbs from Ingwersen.

At Restaurant Viva we have a speciel focus and love for fish and shellfish. We always get our fresh fishs from Gourmet Grossisten which has a vision on keeping and improving our danish sea's in the way of preserving the fish population.

We also cook other things than fish. We always have a minimum of 1 meat dish, which can be anything from chicken, beef or something completely different. JN Meat is our "Meat Sommelier" and provides us with Sashi meat and "Choco Freygaard" wich are made from cows who have been fed with chocolate.


In other words, we cook with love, brain and attitude.


We are looking forward to welcoming you onboard