Danish Classic Christmas Lunch


Viva is heading for christmas from November the 30th untill December the 21st from 6 pm.

Viva is the perfect place for christmas lunch.

We welcome smaller and larger companies on board.

Booking either Friday or Saturday, there is a DJ from 10 pm - 02 am

Book now at +45 27 25 05 05 or at viva@restaurantviva.dk


Please notice that for all events, meeting, conference etc. we need a minimum spent of 15.000 Dkk


Classic christmas lunch

(Served at the end of the table)


Welcome drinks


Vivas homemade classic christmas lunch:

1. serve - 

Curry herring with egg, capers and red onion

"Christianssø" herring with creme fraiche, red onion and capers

Egg with handpeeled Shrimps from "skærgården" and lemon mayo

2. serve -

Pan fried flounder with remoulade and lemon

Smoked salmon from "Fanø" with herb cream

3. serve -

Warm homemade danish pâté with pickled beetroot and bacon

Rib Roast from danish pig and duck confit with potatoes, danish christmas sauce, pickled red cabbage and pickled cucumber

4. serve -

Ris a'la'mande with warm cherry sauce


Wine, beer and water during dinner


price per person 999,- dkk