April menu


Lumpfish roe with red onions, crispy potatoe, buttermilk and dill oil

Herb marinated halibut with baked green tomatoes, green asparagus and sauce of oysters and green tomatoes

Second courses

Jerusalem artichoke confit with mussels, tarragon foam, apple and vinegar powder

Steamed North Sea Cod with fricassee of mussels, smoke oil and crispy capers

Main courses
Served with crushed potatoes with nuts, parsley vinaigrette and fresh herbs

Slow cooked lamb with honey roasted walnuts, carrot, celery and hollandaise of mint

Ox Sous vide with cremy mushrooms, pickled brown beech, ashes of onion and glace of red wine


Compote of Rhubarb and rum with vanilla ice cream and caramel

Mint sorbet with dark chocolate foam, malt crumble and mint sugar