August menu


Stirred crab fish meat with redcurrant, smoked egg yolk cream, mussel foam and shiso cress
Cold smoked Vest Fjord salmon with sautéed spinach, cream with lemon, roe from salmon and glassworth

Second courses

Cauliflower confit with puré of cauliflower with crispy croutons, small cauliflower and tarragon
Croquettes of cod with honey, lime, brown butter, pees, lime mayo and cucumber

Main courses

Served with crushed potatoes with nuts, parsley vinaigrette and fresh herbs
Sous Vides veal with turnip, apple, leeks, spring onions and sauce velouté of veal
Fried monkfish with pickled blackberry, small carrots, salsify, ventréche and fish fumé


Milk ice cream with Danish strawberries, cicely, woodruff, cookie crumble and double cream
Raspberry/passionfruit sorbet with white chocolate foam, crispy white chocolate and dried raspberry