Company Events and Receptions

Through years of experience, we have specialized in holding companies and events. We have the perfect setting for the romantic wedding, the festive birthday, or the luxurious confirmation. Our rooms are divided into 2 outside areas and 1 inside area. One can be from 24 to 130 people for an event, depending on the utilization of the premises.

We would like to hold your...
Meetings / Courses
Product presentations
Team Building
Company party
Christmas lunch

We tailor your event as desired & budget - We propose a menu of 3-5 dishes.
3 dishes kr. 475,-
4 dishes kr. 575,-
5 dishes kr. 675,-

In the menu price there are incl. Hours d'Oeuvre, Bread & Butter, as well as Petit Fours.
Wine menu ad libitum can be purchased where each wine is selected specifically for the court.
3 gl. Wine menu 475
4 gl. Wine menu 575
5 gl. Wine menu 675
Mineral water costs 45, - per Person.

We make total solutions based on your budget. Packing solutions with welcome drink, menu, wine menu ad libitum, water, coffee & avec are usually a good value for money solution. Some items may be deselected to hit the "right" price.

If you are going to have a smaller event, you cane. also consider making it unique with a sailing company on our luxury yacht, Moby Dick.

See our event menu here