June menu


Hand peeled shrimps with green asparagus, crispy bread, asparagus emulsion and cress
Rhymed scallops with consommé of tomatoes, ryebread, piment and basil

Second courses

Fried turbot with pees, lime mayo and cucumber
White asparagus with crispy serrano, asparagus hollandaise, dill and pickled white asparagus

Main courses

Served with crushed potatoes with nuts, parsley vinaigrette and fresh herbs
Cockerel with crispy skin, rhubarb/rosemary compote, glace of red wine and crispy carrots
Sous Vides veal with turnip, apple, leeks, spring onions and sauce velouté of veal


Milk ice cream with Danish strawberries, cicely, woodruff, cookie crumble and double cream
Crème Brûlée with raspberry/passionfruit sorbet and crispy white chocolate