January menu


Herb marinated flounder

with sautéed fennel, celery, glasswort and celery dust

Beef tartare

with raspberry gel, crispy potatoe, cognac emulsion and cress

Second courses

Jerusalem artichoke confit

with warm chive emulsion, vinegar powder and crispy Jerusalem artichoke

Glaced veal

with creamy pearlbarly, goat cheese, buckwheat and blackberry

Main courses
Served with crushed potatoes with nuts, parsley vinaigrette and fresh herbs

Ox sous vides

with tarragon hollandaise, caramelized red onion, pickled beet and salsify

Baked cod

with fricassee of mussels, smoke oil and crispy cabbage


Vanilla ice cream

with pineapple foam and white chocolate


of baked apples, junket, cookie crumble and mint powder