Looking to arrange a cozy morning with family and friends?

At Restaurant Viva you could have your brunch in a cozy atmosphere and have one of the best views in Copenhagen.

If you want to celebrate a christening, birthday or another celebration, Viva has the location, service and the food that will make sure you will get a nice brunch on board.

Typical we recommend our brunch buffet for the most events, but feel free to contact us on for other request.

Brunch buffet
for christenings, birthdays or another celebration

Pr. person DKK 295,-

Coffee, tea & juice ad libitum while dining

Brunch Buffet’en består af:


with Tahiti vanilla and lemon

Homemade Müsli

with nuts and dried fruits

Scramble egg

with chives and crème fraiche

Sliced and smoked bacon


Cold smoked salmon from Vestfjord

Smoked salami

Pepper sausage (rullepølse)




marinated in orange juice and honey


with maple syrup

2 kinds of bread and butter